Don't Dismiss Your Failures, Own Them - Brandon C. White
Failure Guy
Don't Dismiss Your Failures, Own Them - Brandon C. White
September 29, 2022
Brandon has a very close & familiar relationship with failure. He's an entrepreneur with two exits so far, and plenty of strikeouts. He's an angel investor and former venture capitalist who even worked in Marketing at America Online. Brandon started his professional career in technology as an Internet pioneer in 1996 as the Founder/CEO of Worldwide Angler, Inc. Worldwide Angler was recognized as the #1 social networking and e-commerce site for sport fishermen on the internet which he sold to a large media company. He has taught over 1,500 entrepreneurs in his business and marketing courses. His top course is on how to write a business plan and pitch deck in just 13 slides. He has taught the students of successful entrepreneurs like Daymond John & Robert Herjavec (Shark Tank) and Grant Cardone. He regularly is a keynote speaker at entrepreneur, business, and marketing conferences.
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