The Slap Heard Around The World - Pellegrino Riccardi
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The Slap Heard Around The World - Pellegrino Riccardi
April 11, 2022
Pellegrino Riccardi joins me for a long journey down many meandering paths. He provides unique insight into the Will Smith & Chris Rock kerfuffle that honestly is a take I hadn't heard. We also discuss the difficulties of communicating across cultural barriers, how hard it is to write a book even when you know you should, and much more! Check out his book 'Drowning Quietly: Memoir of a Man's Shortcomings' which I cannot wait to listen to when he records the audiobook (which he promised he would do). Warning: there is a decent amount of foul language...
Links that we discussed in the show:
- Fun to Imagine - Pleasure of Finding Things Out - Richard Feynman
- Drowning Quietly - Amazon
- Pellegrino Ricardi Website (aka Pellegrino Norway)
- Pellegrino's Facebook
- Pellegrino's Instagram
- Pellegrino's LinkedIn