Don’t Fail to Name the Mouse in the Room! - David Wood
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Don’t Fail to Name the Mouse in the Room! - David Wood
June 13, 2022
How comfortable are you with sharing your feelings? If you're like me, this might be an area you struggle in... David Wood's new book Mouse in the Room, has a wonderfully artful way of getting around this issue by starting a new mouse-naming revolution! His book aims to help you improve connection and confidence to help unlock your badass leadership skills! A former Consulting Actuary to Fortune 100 companies, David Wood left his cushy Park Avenue job 20 years ago to build the world’s largest coaching business. He became #1 on Google for “life coaching,” serving an audience of 150,000 coaches, and coaching thousands of hours across 12 countries. David coaches business owners, executives, and sometimes Colorado prison inmates to produce extraordinary results through authentic, transparent communication.
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