I Can Do Anything at All - Elijah Desmond
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I Can Do Anything at All - Elijah Desmond
May 3, 2023
Elijah Desmond began his professional career at the age of 15 as a youth motivational speaker.
Elijah gets to share his love for music as an emcee and DJ to large crowds (including PodFest which I spoke at in January)!

He's the VP for a non-profit called Beyond the Game, which offers development programs for 3rd grade students called Guys With Ties and Girls with Pearls.

Whether planning, speaking, emceeing, or DJing, Elijah has been involved in over 500 events including plenty of failures...

Although he has a wide range of experience, Elijah is most passionate about delivering motivational concerts to young students in high schools worldwide. He has spoken over 1,000 hours collectively and participates in events in 2-3 locations per month.

Links from the Guest:
- Info@ElijahDesmond.com
- ElijahDesmond.com Official Website