Embracing Failure - A Path to Success with John David Mann
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Embracing Failure - A Path to Success with John David Mann
March 5, 2023
John David Mann, co-author of "The Go-Giver", describes his past experiences & failures in music, nutrition and education before he became a writer. This episode has lots of valuable insights and practical strategies for reframing one's perspective towards failure and using it as a tool for growth and success.
John David Mann started as a classical musician, playing the cello, and then became interested in natural health and education. He (amazingly) co-founded his own high school at the age of 16 called Changes, Inc. Later, he became involved in direct sales, which eventually led to him writing about it. He became a ghostwriter and editor before co-authoring and authoring books.

"The Go-Giver" was a breakthrough success for John and Bob Burg, but John has had the same mentality about many other books that didn't turn out as planned. John believes that writing multiple books is like starting multiple businesses; one or two successes can make for an incredibly successful career.

John and I delve into the role of fear in causing failure and how to overcome it, stressing the importance of taking responsibility for one's failures and avoiding the temptation to blame others. We discuss the role of failure in the creative process and strategies for learning and moving forward. We discuss the importance of perseverance in overcoming failure and the impact of positive self-talk in dealing with it.

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