Dragging it Through the Garden - Jordan Goldmeier
Failure Guy
Dragging it Through the Garden - Jordan Goldmeier
July 26, 2022
Are you a data head? Jordan Goldmeier is! We have a fantastic conversation that dips into everything from pushing Excel to the limit, failing in business, and becoming a digital nomad! He's a three-time author as well as a fellow Microsoft MVP. We also deep dive into Jordan's interesting tattoo of a hot dog which leads us to: What is the proper Chicago-style hot dog? Is Big Ketchup out to get Jordan? Are hot dogs a sandwich? Are hot dogs a taco? Are tacos a sandwich..? All these questions and more will be answered right here!!!
Jordan's Links:
- Becoming a Data Head (Amazon)
- AdvancedXL.com
- Jordan Goldmeier on LinkedIn
- Dashboards for Excel (Amazon)
- Advanced Excel Essentials (Amazon)
- Email: Jordan@AnarchyData.com