"We Learn More In Failure Than We Do In Success." - Troy Holt
Failure Guy
"We Learn More In Failure Than We Do In Success." - Troy Holt
February 28, 2022
Troy Holt, Chief Encouragement Officer of Troy Holt Consulting LLC shares intimate stories about working to spread financial literacy, and also lets us in on fabulous insights regarding failure: "Failure is an event, but if you get in a spirit of defeat, you'll give up, and you quit. Failure doesn't mean that a person is a failure, it just means that something didn't work out, they didn't have success, but they can get up and move forward." He shares a lesson I had to learn the hard way as well, but it's a lesson that is incredibly important: "You learn more in the valleys than on the mountaintops. When you're on the mountaintops, everybody wants you, and they're your friends, but when you're in the valleys, your low places, in the failures, that's when you have your true friends. They'll be with you when you're up or when you're down, and so just remember those that stick with you... don't forget those people when you get to the top!"
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